Diseases and Conditions

Spider veins


Blue or red-colored small veins start showing on the legs, called spider veins. Such veins usually don’t cause pain or irritation, and people may desire to get them treated for cosmetic reasons. ...

Bulging veins in Legs


Bulging veins are close to the skin's surface and easy to see. These veins are present anywhere in the body but primarily in the legs. They are prominent, twisted, enlarged, and discolored veins, ...



Jardiance are frequently referred to as sodium-glucose co-transport 2 inhibitors (SGLT2 inhibitors). In addition to diet and exercise, it is approved for treating type 2 diabetes. Adult patients with ...



Pneumonia begins with common symptoms like cold and flu that can worsen with spreading germs. The physician might refer to it as alveoli to inject with fluid that comes into effect when a virus ...

Hip Problems


Hip problems or disorders influence the hip connection. The hip connection is a sphere and socket that enables the thigh to change positions in various directions. It also allows the hips to bear and ...

Elbow Problem


Elbow Pain It is frequently affected by overuse, and sometimes it may be caused by arthritis. Generally, elbow union is limited and prone to damage than several other joints. Widespread causes of ...

Tingling and Numbness


Both tingling and numbness are rare feelings that are usually experienced in an individual's fingers, hands, feet, and arms. Common symptoms of throbbing and immobility include pain sensations like ...

Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer's disease is usual for older people to forget things, but if their memory is deteriorating, they may have Alzheimer's disease. This condition is one of the common and significant causes of ...

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